Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My worlds collide

I am sitting in a tire shop waiting for what seems like an eternity on my car, and I am reading a book when I look down and realize that my worlds have just collided and I love it! I took a picture of what made me realize this and I sent it to D so that he could see what I saw. I realize this sounds strange but the image just made me smile and get teary and feel hopeful all at the same time. I am not a fan of silly baby themed things and would have never given Aven a Winnie the Pooh themed nursery but the bear is wise and the words associated with him stole my heart at a time when my loss of Aven was so fresh.

I will forever associate that silly little bear with my baby girl. I think I am not the only one because the book mark I am using in the picture was given to me by my mother. She knows I read often and when she gave it to me I thought well I guess everyone thinks I like Winnie the Pooh but really... It just reminds me of Aven. So I guess yes, I really do like Winnie the Pooh. Love. 

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