Friday, July 15, 2011

Pretty Randomness...

Dear Aven,

I love it when mommy's friends leave pretty things for your garden. It makes me smile to know that I am not the only one that thinks of you. I used to worry about dad because I wear my emotions right out there for everyone to see but dad is a pretty quiet man that keeps things to himself. He isn't vocal about what he feels when it comes to you. I talk about you often and whenever I am with dad I never hesitate to tell him what I am thinking especially when it comes to you. I am convinced he is the only one that will ever really understand my words. He always listens and smiles and comments on whatever it is I have said. He and I still think about you every single day but we show it differently.

I realized this the other night when I saw him standing out on the back patio staring at your garden. He waters the flowers often and makes sure everything is always pretty. He pulls the weeds and trims the vines. I know he does that all for you and that is his time and his way of showing you that he loves you and still thinks about you. I could sit and stare at him watch the garden for hours if you let me.

Today I saw the little bunny hopping around or I should say hauling tail because I scared him. I am pretty sure he lives back there now under the passion vine. I think I am getting spoiled because every time I walk out on the back patio I expect to see the hummingbird or the two morning doves or the bunny. Most of the time I am lucky that at least one of them is out there. It always lifts my spirit when I am down but it also makes me want to laugh because I immediately think of Snow white. I have this image of this woman walking around with bunnies and birds and butterflies following her as she sings her way through life. If only life was as easy as a Disney movie.

I miss you terribly today... ♥




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