Sunday, September 25, 2011

Infertility speak...

Aven was a long time in the making. She wasn't a surprise pregnancy. She wasn't a whim of a decision. She was planned for well in advance. We didn't have it so easy like most people. My grief isn't just in losing her but in the path that I had to take to get to her. It was a long one and not one that ended the way I wanted. I heard a quote not very long ago, actually it was a line from Grey's Anatomy. One of the characters made a comment "You promise a woman a baby and she will tear her body apart"... I used to keep track of our fertility journey and I found it sitting in my email "drafts". The last time I updated it was when we were released from our fertility doctor to our regular OB. It made me realize how far we have come and how far we have to go. I had to add the rest of our journey, not an easy thing to see especially knowing that when I first started keeping track of it, I was so hopeful and excited...

8/2008-Begin Trying to Conceive naturally
8/2009-First RE (Endocrinologist) visit
9/2009-HSG Test-Found blockage in left fallopian tube
10/12/2009-Surgery: Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy-Left fallopian tube removed

11/2009-IUI with Clomid Cancelled, follicles in left ovary
12/14/2009 and 12/15/2009-IUI # 1 -Femara-18mm follicle- Negative Pregnancy Test
1/2010-IUI with Femara Cancelled, follicles in left ovary
2/4/2010 and 2/5/2010 2010-IUI # 2- Femara-19mm follicle- Negative Pregnancy Test

IVF # 1 and only
5/3/2010 BC Pill
5/4/10 Z Pack
5/19/10 15 mm cyst on Right ovary
6/1/10 cyst at 8mm start Lupron
6/10/10 Baseline u/s-Start Gonal-F 500 X 14 days
6/23/10 Ovidrel, 6 follicles
6/25/10 Egg Retrieval, 3 eggs retrieved-2 mature
6/26/10 Fertilization Report: 2 fertilized with ICSI-6 and 4 cell
6/28/10 Embryo Transfer
7/9/10 2 POSITIVE's on HPT the morning of Beta (5AM)
7/9/10 Beta # 1-HCG 105, P4-98, E2-1098
7/12/10 Beta # 2-HCG 433, P4-127, E2-1693
7/15/10 Beta # 3-HCG 1743, P4-98, E2-2132
7/22/10 Beta # 4-HCG-11,765 , P4-111.7
7/23/2010 6 Wk U/S 1 baby with heartbeat (Est.due date 3/18/2011)
8/6/2010 8 Wk U/S -released to OB
9/16/2010 Baby C is a She!

10/15/2010 Rescue Cerclage due to IC
10/26/2010 Water broke
10/28/2010 Induction
10/29/2010 Aven Lucia was born still

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