Friday, June 24, 2011


Dear Aven,

I sure do miss you. I received a card from the nurses at the hospital where I had you letting me know that they are still thinking about us and that if we need them, to just pick up the phone and call. The little card they sent had a picture of a fallen leaf with a rain drop on it and a little poem. Sometimes I feel that you are missing out on so many things going on in our lives but at the same time, maybe we wouldn't be doing them if we had been lucky enough to still have you. Either way I think about it, I miss you and I will miss you every single day.  Love you,  Mom


Drifting aimlessly

on a sea of grief and pain,

the leaf cradles a teardrop.

Offers refuge.

Embodies hope.

Just as winter awakens to spring,

our deepest sorrow harbors the

seed of hope renewed.

Hope renewed.

by Susan Ring

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