Saturday, June 4, 2011


About an hour ago, I was in Aven's Garden waiting on Lola as she wandered about the back yard. I sat on the little bench that we have in the middle of her garden when two hummingbirds flew by me. They were fighting or chasing each other around the garden. One of them even stopped and perched on the Oak tree for a second before fluttering off. They flew so close to my head that I could hear the hum of their wings. I let out a laugh because I was amazed that such beautiful little creatures allowed me to watch them flutter about. They weren't afraid of me. They just went about their business as usual as if they didn't realize I was there or as if they wanted me to know their presence. They must have stayed around for about 5 minutes. The hummingbirds even flew close enough to Lola that she had to move out of the way, like they were darting at her. After they fluttered off, Lola let out a few barks as if she was getting after them for darting at her the way they did. I am still in awe. Two little hummingbirds have made my entire day...

“I held you every second of your life.”  ♥

Stephanie Paige Cole

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