Monday, April 18, 2011

Back from Germany

I am back from Germany. I had so many things to say while away but no time and no Internet to be able to do so. Now that I am home, my mind is blank. Imagine that! Germany was fantastic. When you see tulips growing in the wild it is really hard to be in a bad or grouchy mood. D and I took many pictures of Aven's name. I know it makes me happy to be able to do something for her, a new picture that I can add to the baby book I will one day find the courage to put together. It made me even more content seeing D suggest and take pictures of Aven's name all on his own...possibly just for her or just to make me smile but either way I loved it! We did our usual trips to Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Reinheim and did manage to visit a new city to us, Cologne. D is still in Germany and will be back Wednesday. He has the laptop for ransom but once it is back in my possession I will add all fifty thousand pictures I took.

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