Saturday, April 2, 2011

Aven's Garden

I have tried to capture images of Aven's little garden on several occasions. Each picture I take never really seems to capture the beauty that D and I see in it. Either the clouds are not cooperating with me or the sun isn't. Each stone and flower that was laid and planted was with Aven in mind. My uncle continues to randomly stop by to plant new flowers or plants he has found. It makes me smile each time I walk out to the garden to see something new planted in the garden or to see a new flower blooming. Often times our two morning doves sit underneath the bench resting. They don't cooperate with me either and fly away but they belong to our garden now as they visit daily. The two morning doves were born about a year ago in a nest that sits in our very skinny Oak tree. I don't know a whole lot about doves but D managed to take a picture of the dove egg and some how also managed to capture a few weeks later the two baby doves that came from that one egg. It would be great if I could catch them resting under the bench but I am just not that talented a picture taker or that sneaky.

Aven's Garden
with a guest appearance by D and Lola


Whoever loves and understands a garden will find contentment
within. ~
Chinese Proverb

Aven's Angel

One egg...

Two Doves! 

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