Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Wooden Bench

When I visit the chapel I walk in and go directly to the candles. I light my little candle for Aven and take a seat right next to them. Each time I am there, I sit in the same pew, right by the candles. It is my comfortable spot. I feel like it belongs to me now or I belong to it. I think my tears have marked it so. It is strange how a wooden bench that isn't all that comfortable to sit in has become to mean so much to me. It has become my solace. Yesterday evening when I arrived at the chapel there was a lady kneeling in my spot. She was crying. I lit my candle and sat in the spot directly behind her. I wondered what brought her to the chapel. I am usually the only person in the chapel each time I go. Seeing the lady cry made me sad. What is it that made her cry so. I prayed for her because I know I have looked just like her many times. The look of defeat isn't pretty on anyone.  Maybe she lost her baby too or maybe her mother is sick. Maybe life is just too hard for her. Whatever it was, I prayed that she find strength and courage to get through whatever it was that brought her there. I hope the wooden bench brings her comfort too.

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. ~ Author Unknown

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