Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just for you...

Dear Aven,

Yesterday your dad brought the mail in as he usually does now, and handed me a card that was addressed just for you. Aven Carmichael. Before I even opened the card I started crying. It was such a nice thing to see your name written out by someone other than me and your dad. The card was from your Aunt C. She wrote a little something for you as well as a poem about your garden. When the grass finally turns green around your garden I will post a picture for people to see since it really is lovely. I am sad that she will never know you the way I would have hoped. She never got a chance to hold you and see how much you looked just like your dad but even without actually seeing you, she loves you and always will. I am almost certain that even though you never met her, you follow her around and that you know her son, JL.

Today, your dad picked up the Texas flag that was flown in your honor over the Texas Capitol. I have your things scattered in different rooms of the house and haven't yet put them all together. One day when I have the courage and strength, I will put together your memory box with your baby book, the Texas flag, your ballerina dress that your Aunt C bought for you and the baby hat and clothes that were given to you in the hospital. For now, they will remain in different parts of the house until my heart is ready for that.

It may make you smile to know that not only did I stop and let a butterfly flutter past my car for you the other day, but one of mommy's friends also stopped to let a butterfly flutter past him just for you too. Things like that, make me happy.  <3

Love you,


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